SAS: Who Dares Wins Series 5: End of Series Press Pack

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Final Episode TX: Sundays 9 February, 9pm on Channel 4

The final episode of the current series of SAS: Who Dares Wins airs on Sunday 9 February at 9pm on Channel 4.  This episode will reveal who has got what it takes to pass this condensed version of SAS selection. Over 48 hours,  the remaining seven recruits - Myles, Elouise, Nicola, Carla, Kim, James and Chris - continue the interrogation phase which takes a sinister turn when interrogators discover revealing paperwork on one of the recruits, blowing the cover story for the entire team.

The punishing conditions and continued mental pressure proves too much for some recruits.  Not all will make it through to the final phase. Those who do survive discover that their plight is far from over and a day of brutal sickeners awaits them, aimed at pushing the recruits to breaking point and forcing them to quit.  The ones who make it to the final stage face one of the most dangerous underwater tasks ever featured in the series – ‘drownproofing’ - a technique used in Navy Seals Special Forces training.  In the freezing Scottish waters, the drownproofing will test recruits’ mental resolve by simulating drowning and assessing their ability to follow instruction. Only the physically and mentally elite will make it to the end.

As the series nears the end, Chief Instructor, Ant Middleton and the final four recruits - James, Carla, Chris O and Kim reveal some of their thoughts on this unique experience.