The Light in the Hall

The Light in the Hall: Press Pack

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Series synopsis

Sharon Roberts (Joanna Scanlan - Bafta Best Actress 2022) is still grieving her daughter Ela who disappeared 18 years earlier. Shortly after Ela's disappearance, Joe Thomas (Iwan Rheon), a humble, quite gardener, was arrested and charged with her murder after Ela's DNA was discovered in his caravan.

Joe confessed to the murder but refused, or could not explain why, or what he did with the body. Now Joe is being considered for parole and if he is released then Sharon's greatest fear may be realized; she will never get Ela's body back and the past will torment her the rest of her life.

Cat Donato journalist (Alexandra Roach) originally from the same town has always been interested in the murder of Ela Roberts. It's a very personal story for Cat, for whom Ela was a part. She has kept an eye on the story and the news that Joe is due for parole and is likely to be released prompted her to offer her editor an in-depth article about the murder.

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