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Dead Pixels Series Two Press Pack

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  • Programme information and episodes 1-6 synopsis
  • Interview with Charlotte Ritchie who plays Alison  
  • Interview with Alexa Davies who plays Meg
  • Interview with Will Merrick who plays Nicky  

A double bill premiere of Dead Pixels airs Tuesday 26 January at 10pm on E4, every episode will also be available on All 4

Programme information and episode synopsis

Programme information

Second series of Jon Brown’s lauded E4 comedy. It is written by BAFTA award-winning writer Jon Brown (Succession, Fresh Meat, Veep) and Executive Produced by Brown, Matthew Mulot, Phil Clarke and Peep Show and Fresh Meat creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong.

Dead Pixels series two sees the arrival of a new instalment of Kingdom Scrolls for our gaming fanatics. But their excitement is quickly quashed when they discover that the game, they love so much has been commercialised and overrun by a younger generation of players. Meg starts to wonder whether it’s time for her to grow up and move on, Usman goes to increasing extremes to hide his gaming from his wife and Nicky falls for a girl online who he invites to come and stay. Which definitely doesn’t cause any issues between him and Meg, because they definitely don’t have feelings for each other.

Episode 1 – Crates

After eight long months of waiting, the arrival of the new Kingdom Scrolls expansion pack is finally here. Will it live up to the hype?

Episode 2 – The Chair

Alison tries to convince Meg to be healthier after she finds evidence of her physical deterioration. Meanwhile, Nicky gets his insides ripped out by a high-level winged girl in the game and promptly falls in love.

Episode 3 – Mission

Meg and Nicky face an existential threat when a man comes to service the boiler. But then Meg sees how attractive he is and becomes desperate to impress by acting ‘normal’. Nicky tries to get closer to Daisy in the game but discovers she’s got a gang of fanatical followers called The Twelve Disciples.

Episode 4 – Raid Boss

The gang must complete a timed mission, but Meg has to juggle the real-world arrival of her boyfriend in the flat. Plus, Nicky is being mercilessly trolled by The Disciples who are determined to come between him and Daisy.

Episode 5 – Healthy Balance

Meg and Nicky eagerly await the update that promises to finally unlock the full potential of the game. But when the download time comes in at well over five hours, they’re reluctantly forced to spend an evening in the real world.

Episode 6 – Flanks/Yams

Daisy is finally coming to visit, and Nicky’s got big plans for their date night. Meanwhile Meg has rebooted an old version of Kingdom Scrolls that the three of them can play together. What could possibly go wrong?