Treasure Island With Bear Grylls

Treasure Island with Bear Grylls - The Islanders

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  1. MARCO - 30-year-old former Royal Marines Commando who lives in Sunderland. After six years in the military, he is now working as a wedding photographer and graphic designer.


  1. MANO - 42-year-old Paediatric Neurosurgeon working in Northern Ireland


  1. ELISSA - 33-year-old writer who lives in Liverpool. She ghost writes reality TV stars’ autobiographies/fitness books and also works in the fitness and nutrition industry, running retreats and boot camps.


  1. EMILY - 30-year-old self-employed dental nurse from Suffolk.


  1. JIM - 51-years-old and lives in Kent. He is Company Director for his own building consultants business and undertakes projects across the UK.  


  1. CAT - 28-year-old from Essex and works as an ITU (intensive therapy unit) nurse, giving one-to-one nursing care to patients on full life support or induced comas.


  1. MORAG - 58-year-old who lives in Berkshire and owns and manages a portfolio of properties with her husband in the area.


  1. IRENE - 75-year-old from Scotland. She is the oldest contributor to ever go on the island. She lives with her husband, Euan and has three children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Alongside her husband she manages their Airbnb. She’s a world silver medallist for her jams and marmalades. 


  1. JACK - 24-year-old Jack lives in London. He is a fully qualified plumbing and heating engineer and for the last year and a half has been running his own business.


  1. IVAR - 55-year-old lives in Devon with his husband James and runs his estate, Bridwell Park. He’s a member of the British aristocracy and his first cousin once removed is The Duke of Edinburgh – his father and The Duke were cousins. His great, great, great grandmother was Queen Victoria.


  1. RUBY - 20-year-old from Yorkshire is a waitress supervisor in a local restaurant. Her passion is fitness and when she’s not working or with friends she’s at the gym with her personal trainer.


  1. BEN - Originally from Middlesborough and has recently moved to Manchester. He’s a 27-year-old double glazing salesman and a father to be.