The Bridge - Zac

Meet Zac

Category: Press Pack Article


Age: 26

Location: Surrey

Occupation: Performer

Marital Status: In a relationship


Zac is a trained dancer and an acrobat. When he broke his foot a few years ago, he needed a change of career and that’s how he ended up in his current job; as a stripper for Dreamboys. His father told Zac that he would never be able to make a career out of dancing, and this is what gave him the drive to achieve his dreams as he wanted to prove his father wrong. He suffers from what he calls “alpha-male syndrome”; he’s very cocky and might go head to head with other leader types. He’s a massive flirt and says he can’t help it as it’s literally his job. Sometimes he ends up hurting women’s feelings when they find out he was leading them on. Zac likes his creature comforts and would sooner go ‘glamping.’ He claims that if he wins £100,000, he’d turn it to into a million.


Why have you agreed to join a show that you know nothing about?

For an adventure! I love a challenge, I've pretty much lived my life going, "ah, fuck it." This is just another one of those moments!


What do you think you bring to the show, both in terms of personality and potential skills?

I bring a whole lot of charisma and I like to think I’m quite fun. Skills-wise, I'm an acrobat and a dancer and very physically intelligent. I'm a problem-solver too, I like puzzles and things that test my brain. I feel like I'm well-suited to most challenges.


How will you deal with any arguments that break out on the show?

If it's pointless bickering, there's no way I'm going to get involved. They just need to get it off their chest. If it gets to where someone's being bullied, then I would step in, because I can't stand that kind of behaviour, but I wouldn't just get in the middle of an argument for the sake of me wanting to be the centre of attention.


What personality traits do you dislike?

I don't really vibe with people that complain about everything, people who play games or those with really inconsistent behaviour patterns. I can see right through someone who's being false, and I hate it. I come from musical theatre, my career started there, and I found there were a lot of people with ulterior motives. Those are the kind of people I avoid now.