The Bridge - Tara

Meet Tara

Category: Press Pack Article


Age: 39

Location: London

Occupation: Waitress/Spray Tan Beautician

Marital Status: Married


Tara is a recent Covid-19 survivor. In March, she contracted Coronavirus and spent nine days in ICU, believing she was very close to death. Her experience has made her revisit her gratitude for life and she wants to live life to the full. Having been addicted to drink and drugs at 21, Tara took herself to rehab, got clean, began taking control over her life and is now married with two daughters. Resilient, unfiltered and confident, Tara defines herself as a strongminded superwoman and hates to follow what is acceptable.


You ended up in hospital with COVID-19, has surviving the virus impacted your outlook on life?

Yeah, totally. I went through hell and survived so when an opportunity like this comes around, I grabbed it with both hands. I said to my husband,  “I don't know why these things are coming my way, but I just need to embrace it”. And he said, "Yeah, we all thought you were going to die, you didn't so you just need to take every opportunity that comes your way”. It makes you re-evaluate life and appreciate every day that you have.


Have you got any idea what you're doing?

The producers have been asking some very crazy questions, like how are you if we throw you out of a plane/riding a horse/riding a canoe? To which I replied, "Okay, I'm up for that." I have a feeling there could be a camp like situation and I’ve never been camping. I’d be really worried about the toilet situation, would there be toilet paper and running water? All I know is that I'll be with a group of people that I haven't yet met, I may get on with some of them and not with others.


How ruthless are you prepared to be to get your hands on the money?

I don't know, I can be quite savage and ruthless, but then at other times I can't. I’ll have my husband and girls in my head and will be thinking constantly that I’d love to bring them back some money.