The Bridge - Sarah

Meet Sarah

Category: Press Pack Article


Age: 44

Location: The Wirral

Occupation: Stand Up Paddle Boarder

Marital Status: Single


Ex-military and a self-assured leader, Sarah is ranked 2nd in the UK in the paddle board endurance series and now runs her own paddle board business. She also got a job as a cleaner during the Covid-19 pandemic. Divorced with a daughter, she considers herself very competitive and  is here to win. Sarah isn’t afraid to take charge and has no problem with putting alpha males in their place if necessary. 


Why have you signed up to a show you know nothing about?

I usually work my ass off in the UK at a motorhome rental place which is only seasonal, at the end of that, I do my endurance series racing and my paddle boarding and then I’ll go to Australia. I haven’t been able to do that this year because of COVID so I need a bit of excitement, I need something other than just work! I saw the advert on Facebook and thought, let’s do it.


Have you got any idea what the show might be about?

Oh god, so one of my friends and I were brainstorming but we haven’t got a clue! I get phone calls asking questions like can you horse ride, ride a bike? You just have no idea. But I also keep saying “they’re not going to kill me; they’re not going to put me in any danger.” So, let’s go for it.


You’ve got a military background; do you think that might come in handy on this show?

I've got no idea! But it can't hurt, it’s made me an alpha female.  I think I'm too independent though, my friends keep saying "you're single because you're too independent. Let the men take you out for a drink. Let people do this." But I feel I can do it myself; I don’t need a man to do that.