The Bridge - Sam

Meet Sam

Category: Press Pack Article


Age: 26

Location: Devon

Occupation: PE teacher 

Marital Status: Single


Sam was recently working as a Physical Education teacher in secondary schools but due to Covid-19 he has decided now is the perfect time to have a change in direction. He has recently moved back in with his parents in Devon and is studying a course in plumbing and gas. Sam loves the outdoors and is an adrenaline junkie! He has sky dived, bungee jumped and even been cage diving with sharks. Sam does not get on with people who like to 'stir the pot' or go behind people's backs to talk about them. He prefers people to be up front and honest. He is currently single and finds confident blondes very attractive. He likes it when a woman can make him laugh and just be themselves.


Why have you signed up for a show you know nothing about?

At the moment, I'm back at home with my parents and in-between changing careers. With everything that's going on, I just thought, “why not?”. I normally do things quite spontaneously and last minute anyway. My mum was a little worried, she said, “you sure they're not going to kidnap you or something like that?” I was like, I don't think so, there's a lot of evidence if they're going to!


What do you think you bring to the show in terms of personality and skills?

I think I'm quite approachable and I genuinely just chat to anybody. I’m pretty outgoing and keep things squared away, if you like. On top of things, I don't mind cooking, don't really mind cleaning up, that sort of stuff. The modern man, as it were! I'm relatively fit and just pretty hands on. I suppose through teaching I've also got a lot of interpersonal skills and am quite good at getting to know people and dealing with different social situations.


How will you deal with any arguments that might break out in the group?

I’ll take them to one side if I don't agree with them, I can't really be bothered with arguments. Will I step in? It depends on my opinion on the fight. If I just looked at it as a situation where it's completely pointless, I wouldn't bother and would just leave them to it. I feel like I just wouldn't want to waste my energy on it.


There's £100,000 up for grabs, was that an important part of why you wanted to do the show?

No, not really. It's more that it's come at a point in my life where it's a no brainer, but it's a why not give it a go sort of thing. But that money is just like a Brucie bonus, isn't it?