The Bridge - Rowan

Meet Rowan

Category: Press Pack Article


Age: 22

Location: Fife

Occupation: Graduate

Marital Status: Single


Rowan is a camp counsellor and extreme sports instructor in America. He describes himself as confident with the gift of the gab but also confesses he has a massive ego, referring to himself as “marmite”. As he is only 22, Rowan feels that he is often pre-judged as naïve, and his opinion dismissed. He loves nothing more than to assert his dominance over these people and prove them wrong. Last year he came out to his family and friends as bisexual, he is very open about his sexuality and feels he has been accepted by his family and friends despite growing up in a small town with no diversity. Rowan, a university graduate who is struggling to find work during Covid-19, wants to win the show for the bragging rights and of course, the money!


Why have you signed up for a show that you know nothing about?

Well, as sort of crazy as it sounds, it’s my dream to be on TV. Obviously, I know no details about it at all but it's sort of a reality challenge show. Reality shows are my guilty pleasure, my bread and butter. It sounds like the sort of show I watch as much as I can – but that none of my friends do! So I just need to live it myself.


How cutthroat are you prepared to be to get your hands on the money?

The money is such a weird thing for me because I’m only 22, fresh out of university and it’s hard to quantify that amount. I’ve never even imagined having that sum in my bank account or having access to it so it’s hard to see that as a motivator. On shows like Love Island they’ll split it because they’re very conscious of their public image yet months down the line, they’ve broken up and don’t talk to each other and then you’ve missed out on half the jackpot. I’m not going to let that happen!


If you win the money, what’s the first thing you buy?

I obviously don’t know this, but I've got an inkling that we might be starved out there, so I’d probably run to Gregg's and get a load of sausage rolls. I am an absolute baked goods fiend – give me an éclair, a doughnut, - that’s what I’ll be craving. Even if we’re not being starved, they’re not going to be giving us baked goods! My diet could consist of only those – I’d probably die a young death, but I’d be a happy man.