The Bridge - Luke

Meet Luke

Category: Press Pack Article


Age: 26

Location: Doncaster

Occupation: Plumber

Marital Status: Single


Full-time plumber and part-time model Luke considers himself extremely outgoing, friendly and flirty. Growing up, Luke experienced homelessness and lived in a tent under a bridge with his mum and his sister for a time. He says those times have taught him what’s really important in life and Luke has vowed to always work extra hard so is never in that position again. Recently single after a two-year relationship, he goes to the gym twice a day, six days a week.


Why have you joined a show you know nothing about?

That's the best bit about it – it's new and you don't really know what to expect. Do you know what I mean? I'm a very spontaneous and adventurous sort of person so when something new comes your way and you don't know anything about it, it kind of intrigues me. I'm the sort of person that when they say, "don't press the red button," you need to press the red button. I'm that guy, so it intrigued me!


How will you cope with conflict on the show?

Everyone’s got a hot head, and everyone has certain buttons that, if pressed, they can go off on one, but it takes a lot to do that to me. The only way to do that is being disrespectful. I get that everyone has their opinion, but if you start being disrespectful to women or anything like that, don't cross that line with me. I'm the person to be like, "right, have five minutes away. Just chill out, have your breather, come back, hug it out, smile, and just sit down." I'm kind of like the calming person.


What type of person would you hate to be doing the show with?

The over-the-top, fake people. Someone who is like, if you've got £100, they'll have £200. They've always got to do it one better and roll with that sort of fakeness where, if they're laughing, they'll have to laugh extremely loud, so everyone hears it. If they tell it, they have to tell it really loud just so they have the attention. Attention seeking people, can't stand them!