Kathy Burke On Poverty

Kathy Burke returns to Channel 4 to tackle money in Kathy Burke: All Money (w/t)

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Praise for Kathy Burke’s All Woman

“The best programme on TV this week by a country mile.” Guardian Guide

“Never less than entertaining, bracing and thought-provoking.” The Times

“The real highlight was Burke herself, impossibly funny one moment and quietly insightful the next.” The i


Award-winning actress, writer and theatre director Kathy Burke is returning to Channel 4 for a new two-part documentary in which she’ll delve deep into the world of money. Who has it? Who doesn’t? Who deserves it and who definitely doesn’t? And who has won, and lost it all?

We are a society obsessed with the pursuit of wealth and yet we sometimes demonise those that don’t have it and sneer at those who have recently acquired it. Some won’t talk about theirs at all. As a society, we have a very complex relationship with cash, one that cuts through all classes.

In Kathy Burke: All Money (2 x 60’ w/t), Kathy wants to understand why we treat people differently based on how much money they have… or don’t have? And after the biggest global crisis of a century, will our attitudes change?

Born into very little and now wealthy and successful, Kathy says she’s perfectly happy with what she’s got, and doesn’t understand why people worship money or feel they have to spend their lives earning ever more. Across the two episodes, Kathy will aim to meet a raft of people across a broad spectrum of wealth – from the very affluent to those living below the breadline.

Kathy Burke said, As someone who came from living in poverty in Islington to now owning a house there, I feel I’m a perfect person to look into one of the world’s most divisive subjects

Gilly Greenslade, Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment at Channel 4 said, “We are delighted to welcome Kathy Burke back to Channel 4 to give us her unique and unrivalled take on something we Brits can find quite embarrassing to talk about, money. Kathy is perfectly placed to infiltrate a range of worlds, and most importantly, she’s willing to ask the questions others wouldn’t get away with.”

Colleen Flynn, Executive Producer for Flicker Productions added, “We couldn’t be more excited to be working with the amazing Kathy Burke again, this time bringing her insightful and unique perspective to the world of money as she puts yet another issue to right.”

Kathy Burke: All Money (w/t) was commissioned Gilly Greenslade, Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment at Channel 4. The 2 x 60’ series will be made by Flicker Productions and the Executive Producers are Colleen Flynn and Kathy Burke.


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