Global Format Fund: Factual Entertainment and Entertainment Brief

Midweek 10PM: 8 episodes, at a tariff of up to £250k

We are looking for a brand new returnable format that could work at 10pm, with a stand-out premise at its heart.

We will consider all original formats – but most likely, it will be closed episode, and based around regular people and their stories, though perhaps elevated by a great piece of returning talent. This could be in a real world setting, reality precinct or studio backdrop. All formats must be clear and distinctive, with a sense of scale and probably humour too – and must deliver great, shareable moments like the reveals on Naked Attraction or the final ski jump on The Jump.

The format must also be capable of driving All4 long after TX, so should not feel too narrowly topical.

Where to send your ideas

Please send your format ideas direct to commissioners in either Factual Entertainment or Entertainment, by the closing date of Wednesday 1 September 2021.

If sending ideas to Factual Entertainment commissioners, please also copy in Amy Menzies

If sending ideas to Entertainment commissioners, please also copy in Katie Buckley