Global Format Fund: Factual

Midweek 8PM: 8 episodes, at a tariff of up to £250K

We are looking for formats which will deliver broad, constructed factual series, probably with an anchor in the real world. Returnability is important.   

We have a strong history of creating new formats, The Supervet, Secret Life of the Zoo and The Dog House amongst them, and the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed a theme here. We are very open to new ideas in the animal territory and it’s worth thinking about access to a precinct, but structuring a format to deliver scale, and allow space for innovation. This might be a new filming technique, a new format point or twist… It’s also important to remember that these formats work best with real human emotion at their heart, whether it’s the dog owner of the zoo keeper, stories unfold through the eyes and hearts of the carers. Whatever the precinct, the stories and themes must resonate with, and connect with, a broader audience. 

We will also welcome submissions in the family and lifestyle space - areas that tap into our worlds and the way we live now. It could be access to a real-life community, or initiative, but always consider how we could supersize it, build scale, and how it could be appropriately and lightly formatted. If it relates to an initiative of some kind, that initiative should be repeatable.     

Or, it could be a more constructed or competitive format that tests our skills, beliefs or ways of life - think The Block or Holiday Showdown. Ideas in this domain should tap into our current obsessions - our holidays, our homes, our money. 

It is essential that the format is broad, resonates, and allows for personal change or transformation. We are open to arced or closed format structured. All submissions must be formats, and clearly identifiable as such for international distribution. 

Where to send your ideas

Please send your format ideas direct to commissioners in Factual by the closing date of Wednesday 1 September 2021.