Emerging Indie Fund 2022

The EIF is no longer accepting applications.

Applications are now open for the Emerging Indie Fund 2022, an opportunity for indies in the Nations and Regions to receive slate development funding and increased access to commissioners and other departments within Channel 4, whilst growing their business. The programme aims to nurture emerging indie talent from the Nations and Regions and help them to grow their business through a proven combination of commissioner support, funding and training.


The Emerging Indie Fund combines slate funding with ongoing support from Channel 4 to help awardees achieve business sustainability and strong relationships within the channel.

Selected indies will have a direct relationship with a relevant commissioning editor, who will meet with the indie on a regular basis to discuss their slate. They will also meet regularly with the Head of Indie Relations, who will advise them on working with Channel 4 and growing their company. Indies will access a series of online sessions with key departments within the channel, such as Finance, Corporate Affairs and Scheduling to get a unique insight into Channel 4.

Awardees will also receive slate development funding to help them develop programme ideas. This can be used to bolster the indie’s development team with additional staff roles or consultants, or for other costs relating to the effective development of their slate.

They will have access to business development and slate development expertise to help their business thrive and become sustainable, and will also benefit from networking and training events.

The package of support will run from December 2022 to May 2023.


We’re looking for new, distinct voices and stories that are aligned with Channel 4’s editorial priorities and Future4 strategy. 

The Emerging Indie Fund is aimed at companies that are still finding their feet as a business, but that have the skills and resources to become sustainable TV production companies if given the right combination of support. You might already have had some contact with Channel 4 commissioners and have pitched some ideas, and we expect you to have had some experience in TV production. You may have even had some single or digital commissions with Channel 4, and already have a small slate of ideas to discuss with a commissioner.


To be eligible for the Emerging Indie Fund applicants must meet all of the criteria below:

  • Primary office and at least 50% of key creative decision-makers based in the Nations and Regions
  • A true indie in which no one broadcaster holds 25% or more of its shareholding
  • Turnover must be below £3m according to the latest set of accounts
  • Has a slate of content in development suitable for Channel 4
  • Evidence of a previous TV, film or digital production credit (either company credit or individual company founder credit)
  • No previous Channel 4 linear series commission
  • No previous participation in the Emerging Indie Fund as a main awardee (discretionary awardees may apply)
  • Not currently taking part in the Indie Accelerator


Applications should be made through the online application form. 

The deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 24th October 2022.

If you require any support in submitting your application or need this information in a different format, or have any other questions about the Emerging Indie Fund, please email us on EIFund@channel4.co.uk to outline your access needs.

You will be asked to select one genre to apply to, and to outline some details about your company and what you would like to achieve as well as three ideas that can demonstrate your suitability for the project. Please familiarise yourself with the commissioning priorities of your chosen genre on the 4Producers website before applying to ensure that your ideas are closely aligned to their commissioning needs. Please note that any ideas included in your application will be read only for the purposes of selecting the Emerging Indie Fund cohort.


Eligible applications will be assessed by the Emerging Indie Fund team as well as a commissioning editor from each genre.

All eligible applications received will be assessed according to the following selection criteria:

  • Alignment with Channel 4’s editorial priorities – including commitment to Channel 4’s Future4 strategy
  • Development slate – indies must have a slate of ideas suitable for broadcast on Channel 4
  • Ability to benefit – should be at the right moment in their journey as an indie to benefit from Channel 4’s support

We aim to respond to all applicants by 14th November 2022. Unfortunately, we are not able to give feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Only one indie will be selected for each genre. Additionally, a small number of indies who are considered to demonstrate particular talent but are not yet at the stage at which they would most benefit from the full package of support may be offered a discretionary award.


We will be hosting an informal webinar Q&A with the Emerging Indie Fund team on Monday 10th October 2022 at 15:00 where we will outline the process in more detail, and where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Please CLICK HERE to register for the webinar.


Please read our Terms and Conditions, and then CLICK HERE to submit your application.


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