Digital Content

Digital native ideas for C4 and E4’s Facebook, Snap, YouTube, IG, TikTok and/or All4 platforms must fit one (or more) of the categories and fulfil as many criteria as possible.

What are we looking for?

  1. Multi-genre, low cost, high volume formats:
    Ideas that will resonate with a 16-34 year old audience but also have broad appeal beyond this key demo. Culturally relevant and ‘of now’. Our strands like How To Get Rich, My Body My Rules, Would You Rather? and The Shift do well in this space. What is next?
  2. Experimental + remit driving:
    What is missing from the digital audience diet? What do we not see enough of? What is inspirational, offers solution or challenges the norms? What would be surprising and must watch?
  3. Show Amplification:
    We’re on the hunt for first class digital content that helps deepen the relationship that our audiences have to our programme brands and talent. We want content about our content but made with digital sensibilities in mind. We’re inspired by poppy formats you see on Vogue (73 Questions), Netflix (Trixie and Katya I Like to Watch), or our very own Pete and Sam’s Reality News.



We want repeatable, scalable, multi-platform format ideas.

Could your idea live beyond one series? Could one shoot give us multiple pieces of content to satisfy different platforms? Could this translate or be repurposed easily to All4? Can we find the next Hot Ones? Does it work on the platforms favoured durations (YT – 8-12mins, FB 3-5 mins, Snap 4-5 Mins)?

Value on Screen. The formats need to be low cost, high value. We’re not looking for advertorial gloss but we are looking for strong editorial. How can we tell great stories without needing 45-strong crews? Ideally we’ll be commissioning hero content at 1-3k per minute – Value will work in your favour remember J

Does the idea align with C4’s purpose, vision and values: Does it represent an underserved audience from the linear offering? Does it challenge prejudice in a balanced and progressive way? Does it inspire critical thought? C4’s remit must be at the heart of your original ideas.

We want ideas which are editorially Born Risky and experimental, not just new versions or replications of popular digital formats. PG rated is always good – we want millions of people to watch!

Nurturing Talent. Does your content allow us to test exciting new talent making waves already online or does it deliver opportunities for new talent? Could the talent help bring a new audience to C4?

Ideas that create change through entertainment. This isn’t all about being “worthy” it’s about showing audiences different views, opinions and thoughts through entertainment. How can we lure someone in to watching something and deliver something unexpected? What does the content say about society? How are they holding a mirror up and making a difference?


Some areas of interest

  • Access – Dropping in on the people/collectives/creatives and talent that are ALREADY doing amazing things or taking us on an entertaining journey we have never been on. Can we join them on the cusp of their moment of greatness or breakthrough? Real never been told stories, told in digital first ways.
  • Youth culture – ‘Must watch’ social format Ideas that really hone in on what young people care about right now! Race, Mental Health, LGBTQ+, climate change, growing up, kindess, bringing people together, getting jobs and everything in between.
  • Human Interest Stories - Shocking, surprising, unexpected and emotional stories that prompt audiences to comment, share and discuss beyond the show itself. How can we show all four corners of society with these stories: from the weird and wonderful to the amazing and death-defying?
  • Mini Docs – With the success of C4’s The Boy Who Climbed The Shard, who and what are the ground breaking stories and moments that must be told in mid form?
  • Comedy – What is the next short form strand in this space that will reflect the world in a funny way? How can we use stand-up comedians in a new way? What funny format could comedians take part in that says something about the world?
  • Dating – what’s the new dating format that feels perfect for short form and speaks to the world of love and dating in 2021? What is a surprising format for a social audience?
  • Transformations (not just people) – Changing up makeovers to something fresh, innovative, unexpected and progressive. What does a makeover look like in a post Queer Eye world that still gives us wow moments and big, often emotional, reveals? How can we also transform our lives in ways other than looks?
  • Gaming – how can we tap into niche worlds and bring a new audience?  Ideas that can bring gaming to the masses. How can we reach new audiences in this area?
  • Sustainability – Ideas that are not be too preachy or worthy but take the audience on a journey where they can care about what they’re watching beyond the series itself. Could be through fashion, food, upcycling or surprising ways to change the world.
  • Entrepreneurial – Making money in 2021 and doing it in a way that’s accessible. Not just side hustlers but careers you wouldn’t expect to see as well as ones with big appeal for young audiences.
  • Food – How can we do something new and interesting on social that isn’t ‘top down’ recipes and that is more than just cooking?
  • Magic and Prank ­– what or who is fresh and relevant in this space and how can we reinvent for a young audience?


What we don't want in digital original formats?

  • Formats that are linear propositions only shorter. Everything should feel inherently social and platform specific.
  • X presenter talent going and meeting people about Y subject. There needs to be more to a format like this.
  • Off the shelf profile films. How can you reinvent the profile film into something unexpected?



£1-3K per min…brownie points for the lower end of the scale! 😊


To make sure we are inclusive and accessible to all, please let us know if you require any adjustments or assistance for meetings and communications with you.

Sacha Khari

Head of Digital Commissioning

Based in London

Laura Marks

Senior Digital Commissioning Editor and Operations Lead

Based in Glasgow

Evie Buckley

Digital Commissioning Editor: Entertainment and Teens

Based in London

Charlie Hyland

Digital Commissioning Editor: Comedy

Based in London

Thomas Pullen

Digital Commissioning Executive: Branded Entertainment, Factual and Comedy

Based in London

Joe Churchill

Digital Commissioning Executive: Branded Entertainment and Digital Originals

Based in London

Kathryn Saxby (please copy into any proposals)

Assistant and Programme Coordinator

Based in London