Random Acts Brief

The world is full of TV about artists; Random Acts should instead be TV by artists.

Random Acts are innovative short art films that experiment with form and style, and provoke thought.  The strand showcases work from as diverse a range of creative people as we can find from across the UK and beyond - giving breaks to new talents and premiering work by established ones.  Our latest brief is now open.


The film-makers

We are currently focussing on encouraging submissions from disabled film-makers who want to deliver bold expressions of creativity from their own work and lived experience, whether disability is the subject matter or not.


The theme

In terms of the theme of the film, we would like you to come up with an idea inspired by the 1980s.

It could be inspired by the amazing culture of the time – the movies , the music (from new wave to hiphop) - or the politics, not least the extraordinary Thatcher years; it could be anything from the time that you use as a jumping off point.

It doesn’t need to be an analysis of some aspect of the 80s – it could just be taking a visual cue from something that excites you from that era. Or is could be a question that comes into your mind from looking back at that time – its values, its aesthetics.

Channel 4 started broadcasting in 1982 so this is an interesting moment to think about that decade. Though we are not asking for a piece about Channel 4 and its birthday.

You could incorporate any art form – poetry, music, animation, anything. We would love it if you let your imagination go wild.


The approach

We don’t want a dry polemic or essay or anything we’ve already seen before. It should feel genuinely surprising and different. We want to encourage you to play with form and make something that will stand out. 

We have not specifically looked for short docs or profile films, and we have rarely commissioned short scripted dramas - but anything that feels innovative and exciting in form. We want to be forward-thinking and saying new things about the world.


The practicalities

We ask that the films be 3-5 minutes in length. The budget is max £5,000 for each delivered film.  If you have any reasonable adjustments or support needs at any stage of the production process, please submit costs for these separately.

Please note, filmmakers will be matched with Little By Little Films as the contracting partner with C4, to help produce and deliver their film.

Examples of the kind of work we have commissioned can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWwZGGoPLUfZmhm5zwKGHbg


How to apply

Please submit your ideal to RandomActs@Channel4.co.uk as a one page document including any visual references and references to your previous work by the 7th January 2022.

Successful ideas will be chosen by the end of January and should be made in February-May 2022. 



Is there a limit to funding for reasonable adjustments?

There’s no limit on funding for reasonable adjustments. 

Can I apply as a non-disabled person?

Initial ideas and creative decision-making need to come from disabled people; the film should be authored by someone who is disabled.


To make sure we are inclusive and accessible to all, please let us know if you require any adjustments or assistance for meetings and communications with you.

Commissioning Editor: Shaminder Nahal

based in London


Diary: Janice Tiffany

Assistant Editor: Naomi Rose

based in London


020 7306 8676