This section of the website - 4Producers - provides in-depth information about content and commissioning. In each genre department you will find an overview, a detailed briefing outlining what that department is looking for, and a contacts list. 

Please read all the available information before contacting the individual commissioners - you will find that the majority of your questions are answered here.

Briefing information is updated on a regular basis, and individual briefs will also be outlined in this section of the website, so please do check back to make sure you have the most up to date information.

Please also read our Future4 Strategy for more information about our commissioning priorities.

Creative Contract

We believe the relationship between Channel 4 and producers is at the heart of our success. We want it to be a genuine creative partnership: empowering, collaborative and candid. That's why we've produced a 'Creative Contract' to spell out how we want to work together.

To find out more about our promise to producers, please access the Creative Contract here.

Indie Surgeries and Support

If you are new to Channel 4 and would like to have an initial call about working with us, or if have any further questions about working with us, please contact the Head of Indie Relations, Rebecca Thompson on rthompson@channel4.co.uk.

Using the 4Producers Website

To make sure that we are inclusive and accessible to all, the information in this section may be made available in a different format on request. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or have any other questions please contact producersupport@channel4.co.uk


For Channel 4's Diversity Guidelines and Disability Guides, and to find out more about our focus on diversity both on and off screen, please click HERE.

Submitting Ideas

For information on how to submit your ideas to us, click HERE.

Please note that we can only accept ideas from TV production companies. If you are an individual with an idea for a TV show then please approach an independent production company with your idea.

Genre Briefings

We plan to hold regular online briefings to outline our commissioning priorities. We will be shortly announcing genre briefings for 2023. Please sign up to the 4Producers mailing list to make sure that you hear about these events.

Emerging Indie Fund

The Emerging Indie Fund is now closed for applications. For more on the Fund please click here.


Channel 4 has its own COVID Filming Guidelines which should be obtained from your Commissioning Editor. Both sets of guidelines should be read when planning filming.