A Place in the Sun

Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun is looking for house hunters to take part in the next series.

Apply For A Place In The Sun

Are you hoping to buy your dream property abroad? Would you like some help to find your perfect place in the sun? 

We are currently accepting applications from house hunters who are planning to buy a property in 2024.


Latest News! 

Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun is heading to CYPRUS! We will be filming in Cyprus throughout March and April 2024, and we are looking for House Hunters searching for their dream homes on this beautiful island. 

We will also be filming in mainland SPAIN along the coastlines of the Costa del Sol, Alicante and Valencia. So, if you want our help to find your perfect property this Spring in Cyprus, or on the Spanish mainland,  then please email househunters@fftv.co.uk or visit https://www.aplaceinthesun.com/tv-show/appear-on-the-tv-show and APPLY NOW!

A Place in the Sun: What Happened Next?
We are also keen to hear from you, if you bought a property on ‘A Place in the Sun,’ and want to take part in our new ‘What Happened Next’ series. If so, then please drop us a line to househunters@fftv.co.uk