NeverMets - Long Distance Love

Are you dating someone that lives in a different country…   who you’ve never met? 

Thinking of taking the plunge and meeting your partner in the flesh for the first time? 

If you’re dating across international borders but have never met your partner – we’d love to hear from you.  

Wall to Wall, the television producers behind ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, ‘Glow Up’ and ‘Long Lost Family’ want to speak to people who have found a romantic connection with someone online… who they’d like to meet in real life.  

Perhaps the pandemic has kept you apart? Or you’re saving up for flights? Are you desperate to visit your partners hometown? Or maybe you’re excited for them to come to the UK?  

If you are over 18 and in a relationship with someone living abroad who you’ve never met, please get in touch for a no obligation, research chat about an exciting TV project for Channel 4.  

To Find out more, please send an email to nevermets@walltowall.co.uk and include the following: 

  • Your name, phone number and email address 
  • A photo of yourself 
  • Tell us a bit about yourself and your relationship 


For details on how Wall to Wall Media Limited process your personal data, please see our privacy notice available at: https://www.walltowall.co.uk/Tv_Production_Privacy.aspx If you have any questions about how we process your personal data, please use the contact details in the privacy notice.  

Frequently Asked Questions about taking part...

Will you cover the travel costs when I meet my #nevermet?
Yes! Couples selected for filming will have their travel arranged and paid for in advance including flights, airport transfers and in some cases Visa costs and inoculations.  There’s also a daily allowance to cover food and drink on travel and filming days.

Will filming ruin our first meet?
We don’t think so! If anything, we can help to make it even more special and of course capture this moment for you to cherish forever. You will get to know your dedicated two-person film team who will be there to capture your journey on small handheld cameras. They will work collaboratively with you to ensure we tell your story at its best, with heart and integrity.

I’ve run out of paid holiday to take off work, can you help financially?
Yes! All couples selected for filming will be given a ‘disruption contribution’ of £3,000 per couple (£1500 each) which you can put towards any loss of earnings or inconvenience in your day-to-day life (such as needing to pay for childcare etc etc) to make yourself available for filming.


Do you decide on everything we do?
No, this is your experience, and we want it to be everything you have dreamed of (and more) you will work with a dedicated Producer / Director to plan your time together and they will be the person there to capture every special moment unobtrusively and beautifully.

What’s the tone of the series?
Heart-warming and honest! We are following real couples who are truly in love, and we want to tell your story with heart and integrity. Our filming is observational, and we are following your real love story so our viewers will be rooting for you every step of the way.

What is the filming commitment?
Approximately 3 weeks each depending on where your partner is located. Each person will need to give us 2-3 days to film your ‘character’ set up. Then you will each spend one week experiencing life in your partners country of residence. We are filming now and right through to the end of the year, and we can plan filming to fit with your life commitments.

Where will I stay if I can’t stay with my partner?
Ideally you would stay with your partner so you can experience real life inside their world however we know that isn’t always possible as everyone’s lives are different! We will always ensure you are safe and that you have somewhere to stay so give us a call so we can talk through what your week in each other’s country might look like.


Is this a scam?
Absolutely not! We are a bona fide production company called Wall to Wall (part of Warner Bros Discovery) commissioned by UK broadcaster Channel 4 to make 'The Nevermets'. You are on the official Channel 4 website now so you can verify that this is a genuine opportunity.

Am I eligible?
We are looking for couples in long-distance relationships with someone who they have never met in person, and both must want to spend time with their partner in their country of residence. One of you must be in the UK and the other across international borders. We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds (ages, ethnicities, religions, sexualities, gender identities, disabilities etc).

What’s involved in the selection process?
You’ve already done the first bit by getting in touch via our casting email. A member of the team will give you and your partner a call for a no obligation chat soon so you can have a chat about if it’s something you’re interested in.If so, we will then do a video call either over zoom or skype to get to know you a bit better and so we can share your audition with our friends at Channel 4. We may also ask to speak to some of the friends and family who you want to introduce your partner too. If successful we will need to look into the logistics to see if we can make your meet happen.


Can you help with VISA’s?
In some cases, we can! Send us some more information about your circumstances so we can start looking into it!

What if my partner and I don’t get on when we meet?
We really hope that you do get on and that your love for each other only grows stronger in real life. We are making a heart-warming series and we want our viewers to be rooting for you to overcome any bumps in the road that may come your way. Whatever happens we will tell your story with honesty and integrity and will be there to support you and make sure that you are safe should the worse worst happen. We ask that you communicate how you are feeling with us at all times.

Are you the same as 90 Day Fiancé UK?
Absolutely not! We aren’t connected to them in anyway. We are a completely different team of documentary makers, and we are making the show for a completely different broadcaster. This is a brand-new series and we are exclusively looking for ‘Nevermet’ couples to champion their love story.