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7 January 2021

Here @4Viewers, we’ve been in the Twitter game for over 10 years and here are 3 good reasons why you really should follow us on Twitter:

It's very simple. Drop us a tweet with the name of your favourite programme followed by #4RemindMe and we’ll DM you as soon as we have that all important start or return date info – this way, not only will you never miss the return of your favourite show, but you’ll be the first to know too! Don’t forget to follow us first though; we don’t just slide into anybody’s DMs.

Be On TV!
If you’ve ever wanted to throw a dinner party on Come Dine With Me, Getting Married at First Sight or be Hunted, then 4Viewers has all the info you need. By following us, you’ll be amongst the first to know of any upcoming Channel 4 programmes looking for applicants, if you snooze – you lose! So don’t miss out.

Stay Up To Date…
Finally, every single day we tweet about what’s coming up today or tomorrow, along with news on new programmes or returning favourites. Not only this, but we sometimes treat our followers to a sneak peak at what’s occurring in an episode (no spoilers though, we aren’t that kind) – so you’ll have plenty of notice if it’s a popcorn worthy occasion.

3 great reasons to follow us on Twitter – go on, you know you want to! Follow us now @4Viewers